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Eshu (Clade E)

The clan of Eshu' s members are found mostly in Africa and the Middle East. The distribution in the following countries and among the following peoples is: Senegal (98%), the Bamileke of Ghana (95%), the Berbers (90%), the Biaka pygmies of the Central African Republic (70%), Sudan (70%), the Kung of South Africa (60%), the Fali of Mali and Benin (60%), Ethiopia (30%), Lebanon (30%), Greece (20%), Iran (20%) and Iraq (11%).

Eshu is a Yoruba god from West Africa who directs traffic along the Road of Life from his abode at the Crossroads of Fortune. He owners all roads and must be placated when travelling. His is the realm of opportunity and the associated risks. Eshu is also a trickster god with a sense of humour who will often throw a spanner in the works to keep life interesting.

Note: Population of Greece

Eshu - 20%

Re - 20%

Oisin - 35%


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